Bosch’s Next-Gen Antilock Brakes for Ebikes at CES 2023

At CES 2023, Bosch introduced a new line of antilock braking systems for electric bikes. The new ABS is equipped with the company’s electric drivetrains. The updated ABS system for Bosch e-bikes will use speed sensors built into the hydraulic brakes to measure the speed of the specially enhanced brake rotors and determine the appropriate amount of stopping force.

The new ABS are more effective than traditional braking systems, especially in adverse weather conditions. The Bosch antilock system will be available in versions tailored for mountain biking, city commuting, and cargo hauling. Currently, the two-wheeled ABS system is only available in parts of Europe, but it is set to be released in the United States this summer.

Bosch’s Next-Gen Antilock Brakes for Ebikes utilizes a wheel speed sensor attached to the fork that monitors the speed of the front wheel. It then uses proprietary software to detect when the wheel is set to lock during heavy braking, and automatically regulates the brake pressure to prevent the wheel from locking.

The system is also compatible with brakes from Magura. They also feature a 12mm master piston that pushes a greater volume of brake fluid down the lines to the caliper. This provides better control of brake pressure.

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